Schedule and Awards

For schools coming from far away special registration desks would be set up at lunch.

May 11

10:30-11 am Check in

11 am-12 pm Opening Ceremony

12-12:45 pm Lunch

12:45-2:45 pm First Committee Session

2:45-3:15 pm Break

3:15-5 pm Second Committee Session

5-6:30 pm Dinner

6:30 pm onwards Live DJ Party

May 12

10 am-12 pm Third Committee Session

12-12:45 pm Lunch

12:45-2:30 pm Fourth Committee Session

2:30-3:15 pm Break

3:15- 4:30 pm Awards Ceremony

4:30 pm Check out


Delegate Awards

The following awards will be given to one delegate from each committee.

Best Delegate from Trophy + Certificate

Outstanding Delegate Medal + Certificate

Honorable Mention Certificate

Verbal Mention

School Awards

Best School

Outstanding School

Honorable Mention

To know more about award criteria click here.